Fit for Success: Tyane Brown

Starting weight: 378
Current weight is: 285
Starting Size: 26/28
Current Size: 16/18
I was engaged to be married on 7/12/14 and wanted to lose a little weight for my wedding. On 1/1/2014 I started my weightless journey, I started by changing my eating habits cut down on fired foods, stopped eating out as much. I didn’t start really working out till around the end of February I joined a boot camp challenge and won! The morning of my wedding day I weighed in at 330.2, 15 pounds shy of my goal but I was so happy it didn’t matter. Immediately¬† after I got married I stopped working out and started eating the same way again. In Sept 2017, I finally decided that I am tired of being on insulin and started again. I weighed 359, went to WW and the rest is history.
My eating habits is low carb, my calories are 1500-1800 depends on my workouts. I do still eat out, but I choose no dressing, grilled chicken, salads, grilled fish. I work out about 5-6 days a week, I combine cardio and strength. Since I started back I have been able to lower my insulin dramatically and I feel just good. My family has been my biggest cheerleader especially my husband and brother.
My motto for this journey is simply: on a path of life there are always bumps, road blocks, detours, and construction, as long as you are patient and understand that this journey is a slow and deliberate one then you will arrive at the destination a new you that you can truly be proud of.
Tyane Brown

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