Fit For Success: Minika Thompson-Caise

Beginning weight: 377

Goal weight: To be healthy

What motivated you to lose weight?

My journey has really been all my life! I have struggled with my weight since childhood. Finally in June of 2015 after tipping the scales at 377lbs I began to slowly work out. My motivation to change was knowing I am blessed with children and it was my responsibility to help raise them with my husband. I had been a diabetic for over 7 years, and told I would always take medication. This past October I was taken off the medication!!! What keeps me motivated is knowing there’s more goals to reach and that this has to be a way of life for me so that I don’t become another statistic

What workouts do you enjoy?

In January 2016 I began taking BOOIAKA at the North YMCA with Felice Boyd. Since then I have mixed up my work outs with Zumba, Fitness Boxing , and PiYo all at the various YMCA locations. In conjunction with utilizing the YMCA I have had the pleasure of doing a 6 week boot camp at BMI Fitness with David Asberry and I participate in circuit training with Demarcus Lewis at Fit Warehouse!

What does loving YOU FIRST consist of?

My hobbies are crafts, cooking and of course my gym life!!! My 2 sons and husband have joined me on my journey after 2 years and are happy with the results that they are seeing within themselves.

What is your message to those on the weight loss journey?

My message to anyone that desires to pursue a healthier lifestyle is to get up , find YOUR starting point, put one foot in front of the other, get moving and most of all pray about it.

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