Fit For Success: Lyrissa Wash

Lyrissa tells us that she has always been active, but 2009 she was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy which is a kidney disease. “My kidneys spill protein and causes pain. The way to slow/stop progress was to lose weight, stop taking diet pills, energy drinks and ibuprofen.” I’m on a low dose Blood pressure pill that helps with the protein.

Lyrissa has lost a total of 51lbs and is a work in progress!! She says, “I try to get 4-5 days of exercise in! Two days of Zumba and at least two days in gym. In the spring and fall I play coed softball.

On January 29,2016 Lyrissa will celebrate her 44th birthday! She is the mother of two children Keion,21 and Keiara,18 whom is a freshman at WKU. She is,”Not married but in a relationship for 23yrs!!! ”

Congratulations! Lyrissa for pushing pass all obstacles and taking your life in your hands.

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