Fit For Success: Elizabeth Richardson

Starting weight: 254 lbs
Current weight is: 197.8

What motivated you to begin your weight loss journey – It was time. My sister-in-law invited me to a Fitbit challenge in May that continued for a month, but the scale wouldn’t budge. People all around me were losing weight and I wanted to be in that number.

Your workout routine – I don’t have a regular routine, but my goal is to get in 30 mins a day or 10,000 steps each day.

Eating habits – I joined Noom in September and they teach you to eat low calorie dense foods (eat grapes rather than raisins), plan your day, and portion control. They address the mental, psychological, emotional, and the physical aspects of food and exercise.

Hobbies/family life – I don’t have hobbies because I have children. They keep me going.

Words of encouragement to those on the weight loss journey – Find what works for you and ask yourself can I do this for the rest of my life. When the scale doesn’t budge, just remind yourself this too shall pass. Lastly, find other ways to measure success. Am I losing inches, am I getting stronger…

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