Fit For Success: Dawn Bates

At her heaviest: 286 lbs

Today: 220 lbs powerhouse!

What motivated you to lose weight?
My best friend Chantell Lewis fitness journey got me motivated to start losing weight. She encouraged me to lose weight with her, walk and go to Zumba with Felicia Walker. I wasn’t really into at first and slowly started to do a little more.She encouraged me soo much. Watching the weight fall off her and determination with all she was going thru was such an inspiration! I later got pregnant with my daughter and gained all I lost and 20-30 on top.

What workouts do you enjoy doing?

Oct.2014 I contacted DeMarcus Lewis at The Fit Warehouse and he told me to come and I played around didn’t go. Called him and he said either you coming or you ain’t coming..It hurt my feelings but it worked. I didn’t start officially going til Feb.2015. He was hard on me and STILL IS adding weight but the Results are Evident!! I’ve been addicted ever since. I’m in class 5-6 days a week. He’s motivational, holds me accountable and so is my Fit, Fab Fit Warehouse Family!

My eating habits:
I eat more vegetables, drink more water and very conscious of my portions. No secrets, no dieting! It’s a lifestyle. I enjoy a piece of cake and pie every now and then. One piece won’t kill me and its a treat to self.

What does loving YOU FIRST consist of?
I’m married with 3 kids and 1 granddaughter. I have 4 very supportive, praying siblings and family! I enjoy being creative crafting, sewing, cooking, baking and being with my family! I enjoy making others laugh and smile!

I want to be a Better Version of Me! Keep pushing to get my body to another level and trying new things. At first, it was a number on the scale but, that’s not enough anymore. It’s about how I feel on the inside and my reflection. I am a Work in Progress and it won’t happen overnight!! I’m learning to love me for where I am and where I’m going. I pray God keeps me, my family, friends and uses me for His purpose! I’m blessed to be a blessing. It’s not just about me.It’s for others to too!

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