Fit For Success: Belinda Adams

Hello Beautiful People ,
My name is Belinda. I am a mother of four loving daughters and 3 grandsons at the age of 46 soon to be 47. I must say I am one sexy GLAM-Ma aka Grandmother (LOL). I was asked by the Queen of Fabulously Fit Fitness Shuntella to tell you all about my weight loss journey.
Well to start off, it has been a roller coaster and I’m not getting off just yet (maybe never). I started my journey several l years ago lets say 5-7.  I was introduced to Zumba by my Zumba mother Kimberly Jackson who motivated my butt off. I loved to dance and losing weight at the same time, it was simply amazing. So amazing I decide to become a Zumba teacher myself, but I fell out of love with that and tried Bootcamp class which I started co-teaching with a friend and it was great. I loved how my body was changing. Unfortunately, my health became an issue I was in the hospital for a week with high blood pressure and stroke like symptoms. After that for about 3 years I was eating bad and not exercising, you would have thought it would be the other way around. Well you know what that means, the weight came back quickly and so did some health issues. I was feeling bad, not sleeping well and had no energy at all to the point I was upset at myself and wanted better. I had grand childern, family and friends to live for not to mention MYSELF.
So, while on Facebook and saw a few meal prep ideas and thought to myself “lets start off with eating right first.” Then, I added some walking and guess what? I started feeling better about myself. Soon after I met a young lady name Davin Carter that was doing a bootcamp in the park so I went. OMG! When I tell you I was out of shape. Lordy she kicked my butt in a good way. It hurt so good I wanted more believe it or not. It’s been 2 years now that  I’ve been working out with her and I can’t get enough. She is a little firecracker and with her push and my will power I have loss over 40lbs and these inches are slimming me down to that coke bottle body LOL. I feel great and wanted to share my greatness with others so I also starting making detox water called Ms Baddie B-Detox.
This weight loss journey of mine has not been easy and I still have work to do.
To those who think its to late and you can’t do it I’m telling you NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU and YOU GOT THIS….. KEEP PUSHING

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