Day 7 & 8 of Green Smoothie Cleanse

Day 7 was Super hard! Why? Because I cooked for my family; pot roast, cabbage, roasted potatoes, and cresent rolls! Yes lordt the struggle was REAL!! Unfortunely, I gave way to temptation :-(. I ate a few roasted potatoes and not one, but TWO rolls! I must admit it tasted soooo good, but yet I felt so bad. I felt bad enough to come and confess to my daughter what I had done. On a good note, I got my mom to drink another smoothie!!! She liked the Day 7 smoothie.

Honestly, I am not “hungry”, but I am over not being able to eat what I want to eat.  I just want a piece of grilled chicken or salmon!

Energy Level:
Off the charts! I have soooo much energy and feel absoultely GREAT! It’s crazy how I used to get up in the morning very sluggish, and sleepy. Now when the alarm clock goes off I am up and at it and STAY alert all day. Even my mind is clearer. I am able to think things through and when things do go well I am not quick to anger or be frustrated. I am fairly calm and think of a more postive, helpful response.

For the most part it has been A-MAZ-ING! Last night, I kept waking up every few hours like I used to do. It may have something to do with that forbidden food I ate :-(.

The taste of  Day 7 Pineapple Berry was good! I do not use stevia in my smoothies because I am not a fan of it. So for the most part I don’t use anything, although on the ones that call for kale I do use honey.

Day 8: Spinach Kale Berry
Boy-o-boy! I should not have eaten that food. I couldn’t sleep last night and when I got up, my body let me know quick-fast-and in a hurry that it did not appreciate what I had done. I had a headache, I had diarrhea and my stomach hurt. Bet I won’t do that mess again EVER! Needless to say I was back on track this morning.

Still non-existent. But I continue to snack every two hours and drink my 3 smoothies a day

Didn’t really care for this one but I drunk it.

Energy Level:
Is still on 100! I feel great and looking a little slimmer!

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