Day 3: 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

Well… I am doing this a little backwards, but I decided to do a blog about this 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse I have joined a group of people doing.

So, the whole point of this cleanse is to detox your body from all the mess we put into our body and start your body to crave healthy foods.In the process you can possibly lose any where from 10-15pounds. The cleanse is 10 days of smoothies (3 a day), fruits, vegetables, water and tea. NO sugar, bread or meat for 10 whole days!

Backing all the way up to Day 1. I was super excited to get started. I went out bought all the ingredients I needed for the first 5 days (shopping list and recipes are included in the book). Came home that night and made my 3 smoothies for the day-I make mine the night before so that I can stay on track. I also prepped my veggies and nuts to snack on.


Day 1: Berry Green

I did pretty well on Day 1. I only had a very slight headache and was EXTRA sleepy.o;? o;?
Day 2: Apple Strawberry (sorry no photo taken). Went well. Not very hungry, I didn’t particulary care for the taste of this one, to me it was kindof  bland. But I was super ready for day 3!

So, here we are on Day 3. I feel GREAT! I wasn’t very hungry but I drank my smoothie and ate 2 hard boiled eggs.  I am sleeping very well! and I have more energy! BRING ON DAY 4!

Oh! I almost forgot I weighed myself of course on Day 1 and I topped the scale at 183.6.
My measurements:
Waist: 37
Bust: 38
Hips: 40 1/2

I will weigh again at the end of the week.

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