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Upcoming Events:

7th Annual Fabulously Fit Fitness Event

WHEN: Saturday January 11,2020

WHERE: Charles Young Community Center 540 E. Third Street Lexington,Ky 40508

TIME: 10am-12pm

Cost: FREE

For The Win Session: Healthy Cooking with Angelina Cucina

WHEN: Saturday January 18,2020

WHERE: Douglass Park Shelter. 726 Georgetown Street Lexington,Ky 40511

TIME: 1-3pm

Cost: $20 Tickets Available on Eventbrite


Fabulously Fit is a program designed to help you reach goals for better health and fitness. The program will support you through accountability-testimonials by others, as role models, who have been successful in achieving these goals. Our program will cheer you on when you stumble, and highlight your successes, great and small.

Fabulously Fit will provide information about nutrition, local exercise classes(their times and cost), and networking opportunities with others on similar journeys.

Our program will aide you by being that workout buddy who will inspire and teach you to LOVE YOU FIRST and to help you realize you are worthy of living a happy, loving, and healthy life.

Shuntella Whitfield



Hello! I began my fitness journey six years ago. My starting weight was 232 pounds(currently at 199.4). In one year I had lost 72pounds. I started walking every day. Then, taking Zumba 3 times a week and eventually running and doing anything that was FUN! In January 2012 I set my goal to do the Urban Mountain Challenge in downtown Lexington, Ky. I climbed and completed 29 flights of steps in 11 minutes 47 seconds! I continued to set small goals for myself and push myself. I went on to run 5k's and went back in 2013 to do the Urban Mountain Challenge again. This time completing 22 flights in 5 minutes 52 seconds!!!! 

Since then, in 2013 I became a Licensed Zumba Instructor. Although, in January 2019 I stepped away from Zumba and created my own fitness class and teach Soca-Mi-Shirt. Soca Mi Shirt is a medium to high impact aerobic cardio dance class that incorporates body toning. I teach Tuesdays at Fit & Fierce Studio at 6:30 pm, Wednesdays at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 12:30 pm at Social Nutrition  

I started Fabulously Fit Fitness after my own weight loss. People were inquiring as to what I was doing to lose the weight, so I thought, what better way to help my community and say THANK YOU to my trainers than give them an opportunity to be presented to the community to showcase their expertise in the fitness world and to attract new clients.  For the community, it was an opportunity to see what Lexington has to offer in classes and personal trainers. What worked for me may not necessarily work for the next person. With Fabulously Fit you have the chance to find a class or personal trainer that works BEST FOR YOU!


We support YOU during your weight loss journey.

Annual Fabulously Fit Fitness Event


Each year on the 2nd Saturday in January Fabulously Fit host a FREE fitness event.  Participants come out and workout with 4 local fitness instructors to "try out" their classes and style before making the financial commitment. The secret to staying committed to your weight loss journey is to find an activity that works BEST FOR YOU! The annual event gives you an opportunity to meet your neighbors, friends, and family in a fun and fit environment. The community has the opportunity to talk one on one with the instructors, find out when, where and how much their classes are. There are local vendors, health professionals, DJ and prize giveaways to keep you occupied during the 2hour event just in case you get tired and need to rest!

Fabulously Fit Fitness

"Where loving yourself FIRST is perfectly healthy."

Fabulously Fit Fitness Seminars

Let's Talk Food Seminar focused on healthy eating with certified nutritionist Jessica Coffie. We also discussed the mental effects associated with eating disorder with Evangelist Joy Harris-Edward who is not only a licensed minister of the Gospel and Bible teacher but is also a Licensed Mental Health Professional Counselor. We finished the seminar with Motivational Speaker Tiffany Folk who is also an eating disorder survivor.

Fabulously Fit hosted the Let's Talk Food seminar that focused on healthy eating, the mental effects associated with eating disorders and surviving eating disorders.  The free seminar was hosted at the Lexington Public Library North with presenters, Tiffany Folk; Motivational Speaker, Jessica Coffie, MS, CN, and Evangelist Joy Harris-Edwards.

Throughout the year different seminars and workshops are offered to help and encourage you to stay the course. As well as, be informed about living a healthier lifestyle and equipping you with the necessary tools to help you love yourself FIRST and be successful in the weight loss journey.


Fit For Success

Fit For Success is a division of Fabulously Fit Fitness that highlights and celebrates weight loss success stories.  Fit For Success allows real people the opportunity to inspire others on the weight loss journey by sharing their story. It also gives the person the opportunity to see just how far they have come through before and after pictures, sharing what motivated them to start the weight loss journey, their struggles, success, eating habits and exercise. 


Where loving yourself first has made a difference.


Fabulously Fit Merchandise

Show the world that you are loving yourself FIRST with your Fabulously Fit Fitness attire. Purchase t-shirts, tanks, and 64oz water bottles.